Bolete mushroom plushroom pillow in makers hand

Fluffy fungi friends Fruiting Forever

plushroom category Amanitas of the rainbow. a circle of mushrooms in lots of colors in the grass

Amanitas of the Rainbow

The classic mushroom look! Plushroom Amanitas have soft, solid caps with dots hand painted on. They come in all colors of the rainbow! What's your favorite color?

category scientific plushrooms scientific mushroom pillows in a grid

Scientific Plushrooms

These Plushrooms are inspired by actual mushroom types in nature. I try to recreate different mushrooms as accurately as I can while still adding my artistic flair. Plushrooms in this category have a second tag that have the common and scientific names of the fungus they represent.


Fantasy Plushrooms

These Plushrooms are based on whimsical imagination and delightful fabrics. Some are fun and funky, and others are more earthy and regal.

category lace plushrooms. five mushroom stuffies in a circle on the grass

Lace Capped Plushrooms

Double layered tops make these Plushrooms pop! These caps are made with lace and a matching solid fabric for a lovely look.


So many kinds, sew little time!