kelsie artist with brown plushroom

Hi! I am Kelsie Kronik, the creative force behind Threaded Gems brand and the fluffy Plushrooms. I live in Oregon and have been sewing since my momma taught me as a child. Im still using the machine she gave me for my 11th birthday! Plushrooms are the most popular item that I make, but there are many more. As well as sewing, I like to make jewelry, polish rocks, mold clay, and dabble in herbalism. I love my small business because I'm the best boss! 

Kelsie out on walk with plushroom

About Plushrooms

The idea for Plushrooms came to me while at work brainstorming pillow ideas. I was getting polyester fill in bags taller than me from a local factory. It was their scraps and floof from production that I wanted to divert from the landfill and upcycle into art. At the time I was wearing an electroformed mushroom necklace I made, and my coworker suggested mushroom pillow. DING! The Plushroom idea was born. I gave her the very first one I made and the rest is herstory.


Heart dots red amanita plushroom